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The state of Idaho uses a selection of fisheries and waters for anglers to seek. These lakes, storage tanks and rivers are home to a wide range of freshwater fish types including trout, bass, pike, halibut, salmon, steelhead, and others. The variety of varieties and their environments develop a distinct opportunity for fly fishing in Idaho. From blue ribbon citizen trout fishing on rivers like the South Fork of the Serpent to ocean running salmon and steelhead, Idaho has it all.

Whether you are trying to find a slow-moving paced household getaway educating the children how to fish, or a rapid paced technical day of targeting tough varieties, Idaho has a guide that can accommodate your demands. Have a look at our Idaho angling overview listings listed below and publication your next journey today.

Buck Leonard

Born in California, Buck moved to Eastern Idaho at a very early age and has been a resident there since. He has actually been leading on the South Fork of the Serpent for over a decade and overviews both trout and steelhead delta 8 carts fishermens. His attitude and experience make him a terrific guide for beginners or experienced anglers alike.

When he’s not guiding on the South Fork, you can discover him tying flies for his guides or searching and exploring with his wife and 2 young children. He enjoys the outdoors and is always seeking new adventures, whether it’s fishing, treking, hunting, or just spending quality time with his family members. He enjoys bringing his clients to his preferred location on the planet and intends to have you join him soon!

While he has assisted on the South Fork of the Serpent and various other neighborhood rivers, his interest depends on checking out other fisheries. He has a solid love for steelhead and salmon and spends most of his downtime on the water looking for large, fatty rainbows. He likewise overviews for trout in CA and Alaska throughout the summer season.

As a guide, Chase makes every effort to provide his customers the best experience possible. Whether you are on the river or in the lodge, his attention to information and solution will have you coming back for even more. His love for the outdoors and a good laugh keeps him smiling through all of it.

A native of Idaho, Jason is an accomplished fly and gear fisherman with over twenty years of angling experience. He has a strong wish to advise both fly and tailor fishermens to boost their abilities. He has an all-natural capability to connect with clients and helps them really feel comfy in unknown circumstances. His pleased mindset and relaxed technique make him a favorite among visitors of The Lodge at Palisades Creek.

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